The 6 simple steps to consider to acquire your payroll credit

Los 6 sencillos pasos a considerar para adquirir tu credito de nomina

Have you ever imagined that it could be so easy to acquire a payroll loan? I had not imagined it either. In my experience and through the cases of multiple friends and acquaintances, I knew that applying for a loan could be a terrible thing, almost something that was not wanted even by your worst enemy, however, if necessary Well, there were not many options.

My name is Leticia and I want to tell you a little about the experience I had in applying for a loan. But do not think that this was any credit, my salvation was a loan via payroll. But before telling you about him, I want to tell you about all the previous history that I had to go through.

Well says the saying that “the darker it is because it will soon dawn” and something very similar was what happened to me. In that moment when hope was lost, Credifiel appeared. What was the reason you need to get a financial loan?

For several years of my life I have kept renting a house where my children and I can live quietly. The truth is that the house is a bit far from the places we frequent, work and children’s schools are not so close and in addition to investing a lot of money to move, the time also becomes very complicated because you have to invest several hours On it.

Despite these inclemencies, the truth is that we live very comfortable in this place. The neighbors are good people and on several occasions we have helped each other, which favors coexistence and, above all, safety, as we take care of each other. In spite of all this, I have always wanted to acquire a house of my own for my children and for me, there is no greater security for the future than this.

Although my work is solid and I have a contract that supports me, my income is not much. Working in the government gives you some advantages, such as not being in danger of the company being able to go bankrupt by any fault at any time. This also translates into security and stability to be able to do some future projects.

Have you ever had an opportunity that seems especially made for you? Of those that you can not let go. One fine day while I was on my way home, I saw that an apartment was for sale. Then I wrote down the phone number of the ad and arriving home I dialed to request reports. When they answered me I was frozen. The price of the apartment was very cheap and also, it was inside the city. Honestly today those opportunities are not so easy. I was desperate because I wanted that department to be mine but for that, I needed a lot of money.

I had some savings that I had been able to keep for the past few years but obviously I could not even get a good down payment. I had to go urgently with the bank. First I went to the institution where I had a bank account for more years, I thought they could help me. At first they made it seem like this would be very simple, however, after the real estate company and the bank spoke, they realized that they could not lend me the full amount and the total amount they had requested, they could only give me 60% because they my income is not very high and in my credit history I have some faults and delays.

With that money and with my savings it was not enough for the down payment, in addition I also had to consider the expenses of the deed and all the paperwork to be done. In that situation I only had the option to continue my search and try to get the money in other financial institutions so I took my papers and continue on my way.

That is how I went to three more financial institutions and they all told me the same thing. It was to be understood, however, I needed the money and I felt desperate to not be able to get it. I felt in limbo, just at that moment when my children’s heritage was getting out of hand little by little. Nobody wanted to give me the full credit and it was not a good option to request more than one loan, that could get me in trouble.

It was as well as the truth, I completely lost hope but as they say “There is always an angel near you”, then one of my coworkers recommended me to go with Credifiel , “they will help you to acquire your credit via payroll in only 6 steps “and as I said at the beginning, this I thought impossible, however, it was more than true and I became a success story.

The only thing I had to do was get in touch with them, this was not the case. 1. The truth is that I wrote to them through social networks and immediately followed up on my case. I did not have to go to any branch to talk to the executives so we could not step up. 2 where they asked me the dependency of which I am a government worker. I did not know that they have an agreement with the government and that’s why I had a practically approved loan.

All they had to do was verify that my agency had the agreement that would allow me to acquire a payroll loan . Effectively this was possible and in step no. 3 I just had to send some documents to go to the 4th step: validate the information. My documents were collated with the information that my government agency had, everything was very fast.

Once this happened, it was only necessary to define some details of the credit. They asked me what would be the form of payment I preferred and also what would be the periodicity with which I would make my payments, here I understood that we were in step no. 5 and that soon I would have my money. After this point was clarified, they only had to spend a few hours to collect the money and terminate my 6-step process.

After this I only had to see the next step with the real estate agency so that this department was mine and my children’s. Of the rest, they took care. Although it seems like a story taken from a story, that’s how miraculous things can happen, through Credifiel I was able to acquire my payroll credit without having to check the credit bureau and without my income being a problem.

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MIFID II What is it and how does it affect the client?

Aegon - MIFID II What is it and how does it affect the client?

MIFID II What is it and how does it affect the client?

Since January of this year 2018 has come into force MIFID II, a revision to the MIFID directive of economic information that was born in 2007, in the beginning of one of the most serious financial crisis that is remembered, with the objectives of achieving a financial system safer, responsible and transparent with a special emphasis on the relationship with customers and that they are duly informed about the products they hire.

The directive is not only updated to correct errors and take as a basis the experience accumulated in the last decade, it also does so due to changes in citizens’ habits and modifications by companies that market financial and savings products, such as growth of online product contracting.

What changes does MIFID II bring?

The new directive seeks to improve the security and transparency of the markets with the objective that investors have greater protection and do so in different ways:

The first is in the extension of protection to more products. Some, oddly enough, were not as structured deposits, others have been developing and growing as the carbon emissions packages.

The second establishes new rules that seek to encourage independent advice when hiring savings and investment products, and does so by forcing them to offer a wide range of products and prohibiting them from accepting economic incentives from the companies that create them.

And to me as a consumer how does it affect me concretely?

The result of this directive will be that this protection is transferred to greater security at the time of contracting a saving or investment product and in the follow-up and information that we have of them through the periodic data that we receive from them.

Likewise, the product will be better defined according to the needs and risk profile of the investor. For example, for those who want to invest in their retirement, you will find in an Insured Provider Plan (PPA) like those of Aegon the right product to get a rent or capital with no risk compared to others in which the investment is risky.

One of the practical applications in which we will see more clearly these changes will be in the questionnaires, focusing on aspects such as the investment objective, the time horizon of the same and what attitude we have against risk .

With all this, the financial institution or insurer will be more clear, detailed and the goals or purposes of the client will be taken into account above all. The consequence is that these in turn will value points such as closeness to the client and good management that will become key aspects in the relationship between them.

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You get what you pay for: The dangers of a free CRM

The best things in life are free, but not when it comes to technology.

 Image result for free crm

Logically, it makes sense that if something really has value, it will require an investment, as much as is reasonable, of course. However, companies are often attracted to the promise of saving money with a free CRM program. What they do not think is that, although they can save money from the beginning, everything has a price.

Example: Free HubSpot CRM offers only 15 minutes of calls per user per month.


Restrictions on a Free CRM

Storage and data management

Although “data” may seem like an etheric substance floating in the cloud in weightlessness, storing and securing this information requires resources. That’s why most free cloud CRMs limit the number of prospects, documents, etc. that can be accommodated.

Although this does not seem to be a problem for a small growing company, it is guaranteed that it will become a big problem as the business expands (and we hope so!). For example, the free HubSpot CRM limits the number of email templates and documents that can be stored at only 5 per profile.

When it comes to sending communications and transmitting data between your free CRM and other business platforms, many paid CRMs limit the number of API calls that can be made daily.




Let’s face it: it’s rare that a ready-to-use solution fits perfectly into your business. It is possible that you can approach what you need, but most of the time, you will be forced to settle for what you have. Unless you customize it to suit your specific needs and sales requirements.

Many payment CRM providers offer support in the form of professional services teams to adapt their platform to the specific needs of the clients. However, this is not the case when it comes to a free CRM . Although personalization is even possible, it requires programming that must be managed internally by the development teams or employees of the client. Of course, the staff and resources of these development teams are not free.



As indicated in the previous point, support in free CRM is practically non-existent. If something goes wrong or if customers have any questions, they are directed to an online support community or to a collection of articles where they should search and find answers for themselves.

Or, as HubSpot says, “HubSpot CRM users have access to the HubSpot community at for support. The mission of this community is to provide users with a dynamic channel to ask questions, find answers and exchange views with professionals around the world on the best practices of HubSpot software. “

In contrast, with dedicated account managers and live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from many paid CRM providers, it’s easy to see the time and additional resources that free CRM users must spend in the maintenance of the chosen solution.



Unfortunately, many companies do not realize the restrictions imposed by these free CRM providers until they suffer, even though they have already invested a lot of time and energy in the solution. If you are currently evaluating a free CRM, be sure to ask these questions in advance to avoid problems in the future:

  • Are there limits to data storage?
  • Is there an API available? Pre-installed integrations? Are calls to the API restricted?
  • What are the customization options?
  • Is there a team of professional services?
  • What types of support resources are available?

Do not put yourself in danger. Choosing the right CRM for your company is fundamental and should not be based solely on cost.


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